Friday, November 4, 2016

3 week project inspired by The Mummy.

First week done!
Inspired by The Mummy (1999) and the art of Rise of the Tomb Raider I have 3 weeks to do this environment for a school assignment called advanced production project.
The project is halftime so its more like 1.5 work weeks.
This weeks goal was to get the scale and proportions right and make modular peaces.
Also got it into Unreal Engine 4, blocked it out there and blocked in the light.

Next week is high poly and baking and starting with textures.

Inspiration from The Mummy.

Top right is the render form unreal and the rest are paint overs to start thinking about colors
and what type of lighting and set dressing I need. 
 The rest of the images are Unreal Engine 4.
The light build is super rough but I a start.

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