Saturday, March 4, 2017

Hall of light.

This is a portfolio project I did under the duration of 5 weeks, half time in school and on my spare time at home.
I wanted to make something with contrast from the work I have done in the past.
The goal was to create a warm hallway with natural lights and a happy and inviting mood.
Then also put in some storytelling of what might be happening there.

First I made a concept that I then mixed with some self directed art direction.


I wanted to combine my concept with the hall of mirrors (photo from wikipedia)

I learned a lot from this project.

Keeping track on planning and re planning if things don't turn out they way I think.

Distributing geometry, We have learned in school to kept things as lowpoly as possible for performance. But during this project I have been starting to rethink that. And use the geometry where it counts and not being to afraid to keep things higher if needed.

Keeping it simple with the light and fake bounce and translucent like if you can't find another way to do it.

Material saturation and value. Keeping the albedo more PBR correct will help the lighting a lot.

Keeping things snapping to the grid earlier so the modularity is figured out at the start of the project.


Matpainting for the background.
This and a lot more.