Sunday, August 9, 2015

My watercolor painting process.


Here is the process of my latest  watercolor painting.

I first started going out on location to see the house from every angel and talk to the family about how they saw there house and what they liked about it. What angels and what parts of the garden they enjoyed the most.
Then I started some small studies on A5 300g watercolor paper.
The colors I use are Daniel Smith watercolors and with a square brush and a small round.
I went out to location 2 times in different weather and time of day to find some nice light and color.
The studies took about 30-50 min.

Then I started with the large watercolor in my studio. This time on a full sheet of 300g canson paper using a pencil I lay out the image. Then i use masking fluid on all the white parts.

Here I lay down the ground colors on wet paper. I focus on the largest areas that have the same color and value. I aim to create some soft transitions in the color and edges of these areas.

 When that dried I continue with the local colors of the roof and building.

Then laying down the shadows of the house and grass. I think of the ambient light and that the colors of the shadows get some of the sky blue that cools them down. Thinking of the light angle as well.

 Here is my setup in the studio with the colors studies at the side to refer to.

Here is the finished image with the on location studie under it.

 Here is all the studies and the final.


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