Sunday, October 30, 2016

Chainmail substance

 I added some more color and roughness variation to the chainmail I made for the outfit.
Here is the graph, it could use some more tweaks to get height cleaner and to get the shapes more consistent.
I wanted it to be readable from distance as well so i flattened some of the shapes abit to get lager areas of light on them.

Monday, October 24, 2016


School assignment to sculpt a full body character and then make the clothing for it.
Its sculpted in Zbrush, UV and low poly in Maya.
Textured in Substance painter.

rendered in Iray 
Rendered in Maya with shaderFx shader. Total tris count is 10 056 
and I use 2 UVsets with 1k maps.

Render in Iray

Fullbody character rendered in Maya with kostas PBR shaderFx shader.

Made some fast materials in designer to try implementing them into painter and make them work there.
Had some problems with the resolution in painter so couldn't go over 1k in the textures without painter crashing. Will try to find out why.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Studet game studio.

This term we will have the same team members in our game projects all year.
The team I am in is Timedust, you can follow us at and on instagram @timedustgames.

Here is a our vision for our fist game.
Right now I'm working on skybox, cubemap and texturing the ships and assets.
So this first pass on the ship is modelled by Emil and textured by me.
We are inspired by the work of Chris Foss.