Saturday, September 17, 2016

The head.

This week we started in Zbrush with head sculpting. First making a skull then bildning the muscle structure and later the skin.
The models where then uv mapped and textured in Zbrush. Also going through the processes off the Zremesher and exporting maps.

I'm interested in learning more about shaders so I followed this to setup a skin shader in Maya: 
and downloaded the alShaders from:
and plugged in the exported maps from Zbrush and made a fast roughness map in Photoshop.
In Maya I used a 3 point light setup and then made the background and changed some values in Photoshop to get back some contrast that was lost.
Things that I want to improve and learn more about is the camera when rendering. This was the only angel that looked decent, could also be problems with the structure of my sculpture. And more shaders, more real time shaders as well. Se if I can replicate it in Unreal maybe.

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