Saturday, February 27, 2016

Latest 3d course

Here all my assignments from the intermediate 3d course.
This is the first  3d course were we are not following a book page by page.

We started with a lowpoly character:
With 500 tris I still wanted a lot of accessories to break up the silhouette.

Then went over to a modular landscape:
I made a lot of small pieces to be able to break the scene up a lot.
I had a lot of problems with shader fx and doing the spec/gloss materials, but
learned a lot.

Then something portable:
I went with a flintlock pistol that should be more Scandinavian.
I went spec/gloss on this as well.

Then we ended with a character from a concept done by another student.
Not really pleased with the character texturing, Even do I only spent 1 day
on the landscape I could have used that to texture her more.
But I got a bit carried way with that I could use PBR rough/metallic here.
This is rendered in Maya with shader fx using kostas PBR shader.
You can find it at :

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